5 Tips for Planting Your Home Garden

Spring is colourful, warm and radiates positive energy. So, why not acknowledge its beauty by growing your very own garden. If you are new to gardening, then follow these tips for a successful bloom.

  1. Budget

    Gardening is a fun and affordable way to stay busy while at home, however, there are still some expenses you need to consider before planting. It is not as simple as putting a few feeds in the dirt. It depends on how big your garden is and the type of plants you want to grow.

  2. Pick The Right Spot

    Whether you are planting in your front or backyard, you want to make sure you are gardening in a spot that will get the right amount of water and sunlight. This is important since too much or too little sunlight can be the downfall for your garden. Before planting, take a couple of days to see where the sun rises and sets.

    Note: fruits, vegetables and herbs need at least 6 hours of sun per day to grow.

  3. Know Your Blooms

    All plants are different. They require unique care and attention, so when you go to purchase the seeds, make sure you ask questions and get the right materials. Also, you want to be strategic with your gardening methods. Some plants need space to flourish. For example, planting sunflowers next to tomatoes will possibly cause a distribution between the roots.

  4. Learn the Proper Planting Dates

    The weather can be unpredictable at times, especially during the transition from spring to summer. If you plant too early when the weather is still a bit chilly, you will kill your plants before they even have a chance to grow. Planting too late in the season will have the same effect.

  5. Give Lots of Love

    Just because you plant the seeds does not mean they will grow. To have a blooming garden, you must feed it the proper nutrients, along with water and sunlight. There is a variety of plant food available at your local store that will assist in the process.

    The most important step is giving your garden love. Care for your plants by giving them a positive atmosphere to grow in. Sing songs, dance around, and surround your home with joy.

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