How To Get Your Home Ready for Warmer Weather

As the seasons change, it is important to adapt our surroundings. This means, setting up your home in a way that ensures you and your house are prepared for warmer temperatures.

Here are 4 tips for a smooth transition into Spring and Summer.

Ensure Proper Insulation

In the winter you need to take steps to keep the cool air out. Similarly, in the summer, you’re trying to keep the cool air in.

Proper insulation can prevent damage caused by the heat. This includes wall tearing and paint fading. In fact, excessive moisture in highly heated areas can affect the house’s foundation. Bugs also love humid areas and without proper insulation, you may attract unwanted critters.

Annual HVAC Checks

Avoid timely repairs during a heatwave. Have a professional check your HVAC system to make certain everything is running smoothly.

Polish your Patios and Walkways

Even if patio season is shortened yet again this year you can still lounge around in the comfort of your home. To do that, you will need to clean and organize your patio area. That includes checking for and repairing cracks and holes, pulling out weeds, power washing and wiping down furniture.

Clean Gutters

It is time to remove any debris and residue that has accumulated in your gutters over the winter. April through May are rainy seasons, so you want to ensure nothing is clogging the pathways. If there is too much build-up, then the gutters will get heavy and break, which could cause bigger issues like leaks.

Every home is different, so there may be additional projects that need to be done to prepare for the warmer weather. Once the hard work is done, sit back, relax and enjoy your home.

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