Markham Ranked One of The Safest Places to Live in Canada

Are you looking for a place to call home? Consider Markham, now ranked the 2nd safest city in Canada by Numbeo, a crowd-sourced global database of quality-of-life information. The largest city in York Region ranked just behind Quebec City in the top spot.

The index is based on a survey of residents who were asked a series of questions such as how worried they were that their home would be broken into, or whether they ever had a problem with violent crime. They were also asked how safe they felt walking alone at night and during the day.

Based on these responses, Numbeo assigned a score in each category between 0 – 100. Markham received an 86.8 for safety walking alone in the daytime and 64 for walking alone during the nighttime.

These results appear to support other studies as well. According to Area Vibes, which compiles crime statistics from Stats Canada, Markham is considered 86% safer than other cities throughout Canada and the odds of experiencing or witnessing a violent crime in Markham is 30% lower than the Canadian average.

This ranking is not the only accolade the city won this year. At the start of 2021, Markham was named one of the world’s Smart21 Communities by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF), based on the use of technology in the city to benefit people, businesses and communities. The City of Markham was touted for its online voting system, its support for local businesses, and for an AI-driven 24-hour agent that assisted residents seeking COVID-19 information.

Markham was also named one of Canada’s Best Employers for 2021 by Forbes Magazine. This award came in recognition of its exceptional workplace culture and reputation. The City of Markham offers a variety of employee support plans to ensure proper onboarding, continued learning, diversity and inclusion, as well as wellness opportunities.

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