3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It’s time to add a spring to your step, and to your home. The weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. However, with that, comes a lot of cleaning and preparation, including landscaping, testing furnace filters, and clearing your gutters.

Here are a few tips to help you feel the essence of the season.

  1. Swap Out The Grey / Neutrals

    Spring is time to incorporate bright and sunny colours in your home, which can uplift your mood and increase energy. Yellows, oranges, and greens draw in more natural light, opening the space and giving the impression of a bigger room; a nice perk of the season.

  2. Plant Flowers Anywhere and Everywhere

    Spring is all about the florals. So, why not bring this natural beauty into your home? Head over to your local garden centre and start planting because they improve air quality and make every day feel sunny.

    You can also get houseplants that are low maintenance and can grow in shaded areas.

    • Paddle Plants
    • Aloe Vera
    • Snake Plants
    • Bamboo

  3. Start a Mini Vegetable Garden

    Imagine preparing your dinner and all you have to do is walk over to your windowsill for some fragrant herbs or spring onions.

    You don’t need a spacious backyard to grow fresh produce. You just need a bit of space, a container, good soil, and lots of water and sunlight. A great hack to keep your green onions sprouting is to save the end bulbs and soak them in a jar or glass cup on your windowsill. Every week, change the water and watch them grow.

And the most important task of all this spring is to make sure you are getting enough fresh air, whether that is opening your windows or going for a walk around the neighbourhood.

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