How To Boost Your Townhome’s Curb Appeal This Spring

It’s almost time to take out your gardening supplies and give your landscaping some well needed TLC. In a townhouse, the front lawn is smaller than a single-detached but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it stand out from your neighbours. Working with less space can be an advantage if done properly and with the right tools.

Check out our list of ways to make your home look great from the street

  1. Less Is More

    You want to keep things simple. Crowding your front lawn will create an unwelcoming entrance that will detract from the curb appeal of your townhome. Start off with a few flowers in your garden and limit the amount of filler in between.

  2. Make It Personal

    If you buy a prebuilt townhome, you may need permissions or permits for any major changes to the exterior. However, you can still add a personal touch with spring décor. Watering cans, door wreaths or figurines all add a bit of seasonal flair.

  3. Maintain Landscaping

    Keep your lawn looking prim a proper with weekly cleanups. The transition from winter to spring is a bit messy. Throughout the process, your grass is still growing, so it will need nutrients and care to ensure it grows greener when it warms up. Your grass will likely need to be cut weekly or every 10 days (at most) but only cut about one third of it, otherwise you can risk harming the root.

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